FMP- Map of me- Restless app first prototype demo video testing- development

I finished to done key frames of my Restless app and writing a story to my interactive magazine. After that, I was thinking about easiest wave to do demo video. I couldn’t imagine again spending very long time in front od screen mocking up MAAAANY screens in Adobe After Effects like my Squarespace portfolio prototype. I was researching software with an option with screen action recording and then Adobe again save my life with their free trial of Adobe Captivate trial. Veeeery easy to use for everybody who is into Adobe Software lineage.


I created the first that straight away get published on YouTube, it is another from the amazing options.  This demo is enough to show how the app works and how it is connected to google product but I want to add just few more screens for FACES category, if I want to publish it again.





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