One of design competition tasks was to complete one of the briefs from New Blood D&AD Awards. I checked the briefs for my studio Dialogue and  I have decided to go for a Squarespace brief. That was a very quick decision because few times this year I was struggling with how my portfolio is showcased. I personally have website and domain set up on a Swedish brand Portfoliobox paying 7 $ per months. I could pay much less using some other websites but I love that one for a  space full, clear design, good type and easy to use interface. My front page is in na grid which gives me the opportunity to showcase my very vibrant work. But at the same time, I find a lot of things that I would expand

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 11.30.44


There were few things I don’t like in my Portfliobox website:

-if the person visiting the front page is interested in the particular photo and would like to see more od the model/photoshoot there is no option to link it to the category that they can find it. Obviously, I can add it to the little description of the page, but then I have to go through every picture and paste the hyperlink.

-Menu on right-hand top look ok, but if I want to expand it to more categories the go to the bottom and it doesn’t look very aesthetically,

What I like is:

-The simple white colour of background (There is an option for the other colours but I think white works the best with such colourful work.

-Photos in the grid, without not much space in between.

-Simple font


Having those in mind I decided to create the template for a Squarespace. I named it vivid.




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