Map of me – development and few words about again


I get through the brief again after formative feedback and I do more research about the brief I have decided to make my FMP. My map of me will be focused of east- south London, especially in the areas where my favourite music genres and artist using us a stage. I have decided to connect it with my Dissertation which is about  Aesthetics of Grime and black British dance music represented through music videos and photography. In my case studies, I talk about very popular music bands and similarity of music-videos (grime, dubtep, jungle) and how videographers creating London’s urban subculture. I talk about photographers as well like Vicky Grount which is making portraits of local people.

My app will be album of east-south London. As my medium I use photography. I will photograph my ‘East London’ and following aesthetics of my favourite urban, music photographers I will make portraits of people I know. The theme is going to be around urban subculture and music, so areas I have decided to choose are: Hackney, Bow, Brixton, Shoreditch. All of them are connected to music and urban youth.  I will place text from my Dissertation into the each album to accompany them, to create the story behind.

I’m currently researching the layout for my Ipad app to give the interface more sense.

Deliverables Final pieces ●

Persona – Map of me Visual Identity book designed in InDesign and printed via or similar

● Persona – Map of me Logo Mark

● Persona – Map of Me App Prototype constructed in Marvel App

● Persona – Map of me video walk through uploaded to

Sketchbook ● Research, development, and production clearly labelled and evidence 3

● Workshop outcomes: Clearly labelled and visible in your sketchbooks

● Evidence of Exhibition group work participation

● A minimum of 16 reflective Blog Posts for this project. 4 for each stage: Research, Development, Outcome, Exhibition designed

● Tags (a choice of): Research, Development, Outcome, Exhibition

Well, I have loads to do, but being in PRESS AND PASS last year make me feel comfortable about book design.  I need to ask my tutor about the video as I;m not clearly sure


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