Internship in the Glass Magazine

I started my internship in Glass Magazine on 23 of March. I always though it will be interesting to work in publishing. Especially in luxury, high fashion magazine which is mixed with culture and art. I was focused for a few years on the urban subculture, and working with totally different kind of people and listening to production give me a more wide experience of not only London, but fashion industry and even photography.

For some reason with my ‘crazy’ portfolio and lack of writing skill (which I mentioned on the interview for ‘Editorial assistant’), I landed in the Glass.  As I’m not writing any news or posts, in my time I’m mainly receiving a lot of emails with images I have to edit for the website or doing a lot of administrative things. For me- always on the run and with the chaos – sitting in one desk with the professionals with the attitude of west Londoners and the different background was tested for me. The first thing I found difficult was 7 hours in the front of the laptop, another one is the feeling that you are from a different planet when you emailing 5 stars hotels in New York or LA for your boss (while you always sleeping on Couchsurfing). But, the knowledge about a production in high-fashion magazines and photoshoots is most rewarding. Because even while I’m transcribing interviews or doing some housekeeping on the website (classic millennial) I’m listening about all production steps. With this in mind as an aspiring professional fashion photographer, you automatically putting yourself on the higher level of expectations and I can say my photos are much better, better planet and even my style are changed. I think it is also because I’m training my eye, while I’m editing articles about a fashion photographer that another editor really likes to write. Actually, I think even my English language skills get better as I start to receive a lot of interviews to transcribe.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 18.50.49



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