Reflecting Celebration Week at the CASS

On Tuesday Visual Communications course hosted Celebration Week where each studio has a chance to showcase what they doing and talk about themselves.

There was presentations from LVL 4, Hothouse and Studios Gryffindor, Ravenclaw , Slytherin and Hufflepuff. Just kidding,I have problem with switching off geek part of brain in real life.So that was  Dialogue , Inventivity, Impression and Author Reporter.

Some well-known designers and illustrators in the industry had been invited to give feedback to students about their work. I can say the feedback was way more specific than one from Grand Visual studio Dialogue received on their Engage brief presentations.

Personally, I enjoyed presentations of Invetivity studio. There had a great and lively presenters like Rhianon and clear presentation. When you look at the studio you can clearly understand what is about their work and connection between members and passionate and easy going attitude. I think too much stress, cynical jokes in this type od presentations are useless, I think all the studios should take the Invetivity as an example for future reference. But, don’t understand me wrong, I think all the students did a great job.



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