Internship in the GLASS Magazine


From website:

Glass evokes a sense of clarity and simplicity, a feeling of lightness and timelessness; a source of reflection and protection.

“Glass magazine aims to bring integrity and guardianship to creative culture, by providing access to the genuinely inspiring adventures in fashion, art, music and design that allow us to further imagine and create.

All these elements subtly come together, just like grains of sand, to make our magazine. A simple, honest, thought-provoking journal of curated modern culture focusing on sustainable luxury in our sometimes over-whelming, complicated times.Like glass, the artistic realm can be fragile and fleeting, but is blessed with a beauty and power that we want to share with our readers.”

On Wednesday I started my first day as an intern in the Glass magazine office in central London. I will work with other editors in this luxurious place for 3 months 2 days per week

Monday and Wednesday as Editor’s assistant and Junior Graphic Designer with new email address


Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 22.50.37.png


I have to say it is very exciting for me because it is a high-fashion world with the best people in fashion publishing industry. Even, if I’m not interested which model is hot now or listening to gossips about designers and my work for now is cropping and adjusting images from prints or from photographers for online publications or writing data in excel I learnt a lot on the first day from Caroline which is  the main editor about writing, publishing and design.

The first day was very intense for me as a received a lot of images. I had 2o minutes break in 7 hours because I was very busy and focused what is strange. Being a graphics person also gives me freedom to listen to all the gossip and data from industry without being asked on opinion and being respected also without big knowledge of fashion. Hehe

Wish to put the pictures of the office and write more, but I will just say I’m sure it is and gonna be a very developing experience which will build my way to get into right direction.If I get so much from the first day can’t wait for effects of next 3 months working there. Even if I will cropping images and search for captions in print versions for 80 percent of time.

I also have mag for free and as graphics girl I have them in PDF lol

I added some reference images of things I was working on and form online workshops.




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