Engage – define -Development

As I missed  three lessons visiting Poland where I finished two days course of Studio photography course I won as a prize in portrait competition and then photographing for the first time London Fashion Week for Press I catched up today with Engage brief and did another research about my subject and brief itself. I started from reading websites with are specialised about the asexuality campaign like http://www.glaad.org/blog/busting-myths-honor-asexual-awareness-week and then I did some notes to make all data saved in my cyber brain. I changed my presentation and I also was thinking about development and how I can imagine final outcome. Coming out with ideas like this I found difficult even I think I am a very creative person. It is difficult, because I ahve to think about my skills, resources, google products and clear message . I also want to make it as simple as possible, like I dont want 20 minutes movie or 25 slides on my DOOH. MORE consuming amout of time I don’t have and also it makes message less remarkable


I have some ideas about my campaign and I rpepared slides about that. I’m happy  to present that in the front of my studio, because I’m sure they will help me to get to the right direction.


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