Outside Uni – Using visual skills to help my friends

In last few weeks I had request from2 of my friends to help them with my visual skills:

1st person is my dude James aka manager in my bar where I work part time. James is a lovely guy who makes my workplace incredibly fun so I helped him to run Instagram profile of our bar with style and gain followers as directors requested from him. Hippie James has no idea how to use social media so he gave our account to my hands as he wants to impress directors in the company. Me known in my work as Cyber Ka, did it at a high level making eye candy imaginary and warming captions and I’m proud to say we won a competition run across a company and other bars. We won party and I also have few drinks until April. Yay!


Friend no 2:

My best friend from Warsaw for few years working in capital PR industry. For years she is also writer and translator for magazines like Vice, she used to write about music, she did PR for a lot of famous brands. In contrast to me, she is incurable writing talent but she doesn’t have an idea about design software so she asked me one day if I can design her eye-pleasing resume. Also in contrast to me, my friend personality is totally different, definitely colors and energy aren’t her characteristics. After research and very annoying proofreading, I did that and I’m happy to say she get new work in one day comparing to attempts with basic versions



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