Project 2 – Engage – Discover

To get ready for tomorrow presentation I get through slides from resources of brief Engage, stalked blogs of classmates and write in sketchbook definitions of DOOH, Check examples of popular and creative DOOHS like Pepsi or British airways Examples here

I also drew in my sketchbook not a very aesthetic diagram of Double Diamond Process.

Hoho something is getting Ding Dong about this brief in my brain.

Now a little plan:


  1. Media influence and role models: this one is interesting me and it is always a lot to talk about media.
  2. What wrong? Negative news – by statistics newspapers with a ‘bad news’ dominate headlines. “Why are newspapers and TV broadcasts filled with disaster, corruption, and incompetence? It may be because we’re drawn to depressing stories without realizing” some links
  3. Propagating spiral of fear caused my dominant  coverage scandals and tragedies
  4. Role models that do not represent any moral values – in shortcut – making stupid people famous
  5. Media as a platform for promoting politicians that stands against human rights – like D. Trump
  6. Cynical characters and rude mentally destroyed people more popular as main characters in TV shows

in short, words get rid of dumb, low educated people who watched 6 episodes of House Md and they think what sarcasm means.

Step 3: Social change

  1. Who is the target – youth and also older people who build their opinions and role models basing on media
  2. Social change? Showing in TV positive influencers and artists, people who are helping and get rid of celebrity news that doesn’t represent any moral value
  3. Create new brave and good-hearted characters who will be new heroes of people who watching TV shows

My another idea:

I was in a group with Charlotte and we start to get into the subject of LGBTQ quality. I mean is very interesting, because actually after few years I found my friends being part of the community and their struggle with that. Then I though it is all about sexuality if is LGBTQ or heterosexual. Absolutely, all the conversations have to end of sexualisations however their desires are forwarded to. And few days I read an article about asexual people whose topic in the generation of putting sexualisation even in the advertisement of the toilet paper, seems to be kept as taboo.

  1. Asexuality – what it means? How to make people aware of the existence of this community and also how to not make it another thing that people will hate.
  2. Social change- make society aware of existence of this community to give them freedom to talk about their sexuality in public instead of being judged as LGBTQ
  3. There is a lot of young and older people that don’t realize that they might be asexual because they don’t have an idea what is this. They mainly think about themselves they are low developers or part of LGBTQ community.
  4. Project – might show off celebrities who are asexual like
  • Janeane Garofalo..
  • Emilie Autumn.
  • Nikola Tesla..
  • Steven Patrick Morrissey. Singer Morrissey’s sexuality has often been the subject of debate, with many people believing that he is gay. …
  • Paula Poundstone. …
  • Florence Nightingale. …
  • Richey Edwards. …
  • H.P.

About products I will think later now I will try to decide with of topic I should choose


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