Engage- discover- Our lives in data

On Friday 1eth I visited my favourite museum in London – Science museum. Our brief was to visit the exhibition “Our lives in data” and write a reflective post about it.

Obviously, every visitor tried the data processing machine. Machine scanning my face told me that I’m very happy 30 years old female. That’s kinda true…

I’m really sad I was so shit in physics and math, but if I would be good I defo would be scientist or astronomer. Who knows maybe in 20 years I would start study maths again. I get really excited about DNA machine. Looking at that, remind me some science fiction movies like 5th element or Resident evil. Cool stuff.

(T explaining how oyster works was a little boring)

And then coming back to dodgy topic of social media and I saw that big hard drives somewhere in Sweden in my imagination storing all my foolishness of the past;(

I find the social media intelligent system of processing data very useful. Since I started to unfollow feed of narcissistic people and observing good magazines, artists, photographs websites and adventure stuff and much many other things are interesting me I discovered a lot of services, apps, and websites that help me to develop my skills, career, travel cheap and a lot of other benefits. So if Mark Zuckerberg would like to judge my personality based on social media he could get a little confused.  Maybe… topshop dressed  nerd/dope, artistic girl with many interests and  strange sense of humour, because also I’m a big fan of meme websites?

“Visit Our Lives in Data to uncover some of the diverse ways our data is being collected, analysed and used. From toys that can understand a child’s personality and smarter public transport planning to new genomic technology that is helping uncover the causes of rare diseases and cancer, big data’s invisible revolution has begun.”

As the amount of data collected grows so does the debate around data ownership. Visit Our Lives in Data to discover new tools designed to protect your data and join in the discussion live in our interactive quiz


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