Dialogue-MAP of me – research-

I’m kind chilled , still poor and without a camera, but yesterday I decided to finally get up from bed and catch up with important stuff, like University.

I will start from project Map of me which I decided to made my FMP. I will start from this one , because I naturally did some research hiding in a room without the window and exploring London grime artists, musicians via Twitter ( I also starting to understand how this social media application is working so new social media knowledge in on my list). I find Twitter very easy to explore people from the same network, I find some interesting people, I located them on Instagram and till now I asked one Dj if she wants to be photographed by me, because I’m doing my FMP about grime scene and it would be nice to have ‘real ‘people in this project. I haven’t expected much but she says that’s ok and she loves my work. Wow, it good sometimes to get courage. If I will manage to meet in real life  here and do good photos I have the sneaky plan to ask her if she can connect me to 3 other personas . Best to me, if it is going to work I will have that sorted out.


In the same time from totally nowhere , actually when I decided to write dissertation and do FMP related to London’s  underground electronic/grime music scene ID , highsnobiety and other ‘hyped’ online blogs mags starts to write a lot of articles about its aesthetics , fashion and similar. I spend my time reading them and tring to plan my 7000 words long essay in English . But, I like my subject. I like my FMP. That’s why I’m still in progress of creating my app because I need to create material: videos, photos.

So far I finished one series from ‘faces’. I played it in Marvell and somehow it works.



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