Map of me – summarised


Skipping personal island of total disaster , I can say a lot of things have happened in a case of my dissertation subject , FMP and map of me.

So I decided to work smarter. As project ‘Map of me” gave me a lot of outcomes I have decided to make it my FMP with medium photography and cinematography in the first place. I will focus on  London underground grime&electro scene/subculture (I’m still looking for the  name for subculture, not  a music genre.I found it hard)

Is not about I don’t have ideas for my FMP, I’m doing some personal things o  side (travels of barbie book. Why I will never  do snorkeling again and book about countries that nowadays we can’t find on the map and a loot of photoshoots) .

But I always was inspired in London underground scene. Since I moved out I was the part of society, that was my genre of music I was living in the areas this comes from. And my dream is to make hip-hop music video. I may have that opportunity in April , but lets start from things I will enjoy. I also decided to link my Dissertation to FMP. I will discover how grime/electronic scene was represented in London via photography and music videos in past 20 years.

I will try my best. I have inspiration. I have some people. Weather is not the best for photography and cinematography but in real I have time until  April . And maybe I will manage to  hook myself for some parties do to photoshoots for free or I will ask Ricardo because he got mates. For now I will focus on research and developing photography /cinematography skills

My app/story will be perspective “Through my eyes” .     Most of an underground artists  in music videos walking through London and casually spending their “dope” xD day  instead of this person will be in shoes of artist experiencing similar vibes.

My lovely favorite inspiring music-videos from electronic/grime scene recorded in London city:


And Katarina B

And Dizzee Rascal:


Magnetic Maaaan:



From photographers I will study:

Vincent Chapters

Emmanuel Cole

Olivia rose

Vicky Grount







I will hing about my interface. My collague Rob gave me cool idea about choosing the options of upcoming events: for examle: if you are on the electronic rave and you looing for the artist you can choose to make him sing the red or dance on the stage. But it depends how many photographs/opportunites I will have.






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