Dialogue&Dissertation&FMP: Saturday night reflection.

Spending late Saturday evening trying to catch up with my life I came back to thinking about Map of me brief, FMP ideas and Dissertation subject. Because I get kind of lost in my studio project, so instead of staring at the wall  I did few actions step by step.

First,  I googled sequential narrative, read few definitions and check what other people created:

Sequential art (also visual narrative, graphic narrative, pictorial narrative, sequential narrative, sequential pictorial narrative, sequential storytelling, graphic literature, or narrative illustration) is an art form that uses images deployed in sequence for graphic storytelling or to convey information.

….” It can be read as a form of expression that holds certain narrative capacities or methodologies rather, in conveying a story, a method, or a framework. Or an intrinsic thought process that is carried out in progressive spaces or within the objectified frame. Employing storytelling through sequential art as a medium dates back 1700 years to the cave painting of Lascaux (see pic on the left), and there are numerous changes that underwent which showcases sequential art as proliferated forms of popular art/culture that goes beyond style, genres, themes, subject matter.”…

Yes, get it, I like it, I’m doing that, My dissertation studio is narrative and storytelling, my FMP maybe will be connected. My dissertation is going to be about photographers /storytellers on Instagram researching their visual identity , aesthetics, brand and work i the new media like that. Difference between street photographer, artist, AN adventurer from Nat Geo. Something like this , my mission is to find out itill Monday. I already discussed it with my studio leader.

Step 2:


mood board, app prototype, photos sticked, (I have a lot to catch up )


Step 3:

Application: Im sure for now that is gonna be Ipad canvas. I want to stick to 3-4 colors what is difficuld for me because I like to go crazy with colors. since I discovered gradient as super smooth resolution for putting them together, I cold use the same as in my CV.

Story : Well I’m a big fan of street photography. I have an idea how to put my identitity into that. I gonna put myself illustrated into the photo. I’m not master of illustrating, but I will do it in photoshop using layers and selecting edges from the real picture of me than I will apply the colors.  I came out with this idea, scrolling facebook one day and I saw the work of friend  artist that stung fine ars in Newcastle and she was working few years ago with me in CD factory.


Than time-lapse movies and walking – is my favorite part – I just purchased the camera holder for videographers and with go pro doing timelapse is very easy. I think I will do 4 of them in middle busy day at Shoreditch, Brixton, City and Central London.


Step 4:  visual identity book

visual identity book  – I was in Press Pass last year so it is gonna be easier for me as well. Most important thing to sort out is the Main idea behind outcomes and Logo.

Illustration me on my photos and haikus on the another page together on a spread, it is something that I have in my head. For now.


Step 5:

FMP – I was thiking about designing publication with my photos because that is my passion. Or the  collection of photographic zines so it will explore my two favourite skills -photography and editorial. So I can do each zine with different theme/photoshoot/place and I can also add travels of the Barbie 🙂

I used all my energy for this post in my illness, so I will come back to this post with a fresh mind.










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