Dialogue Studio -MAp of me-Applied Arts Marathon :Barbican Visit

I was lucky yo explore today with Luka and her boyfriend Barbican’s Curve gallery. I have to admit that was the best from all exhibitions that we have been ever send by University tutors. Wicked vibes and really aesthetic installations. An in the same time I found amazing spot  to do photoshoots.

Through the journey we passed different scenarios – god damn it makes you feel like the one of the characters of some crazy fairytalish movie.  It is nice to enter to the weird and wonderful mind of Bedwye Williams

In Barbican we saw also the Numina by Zarah Hussain. Neon instalations with amazing colours supported by a sound ‘a piece that takes the artform of Islamic geometry and adds a whole new dimension to it.  I think the instalation like a supporting music is kind of psychedelic. I really like psychedelic art.


I was thinking also about my map of me outcomes and I think I will choose Ipad as a Canvas. I’m still thinking about subjects – maybe I wish to show the youth of London and artist environments ? I still need to thing that, for sure I will use photography and photocollage as process. Some timelapse movie from my favourite colourful parts of  London – Brixton, Hackney,Shoreditch..known for music, diversity and lively community


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