Dialogue studio: Applied arts marathon

On Friday we had the mission impossible – creating 50 visuals  representing a different field with different outcomes.  The fields of artworks were Beauty – counter-intuition , Type -Design Principles and elements of design (recreating movie posters) and metaphors of self-portraits.


I have to say the most fun I had doing self-portraits but I also enjoyed  Poster redesign task. I’m still on my way of beauty task researching different definitions in library sources and internet. The easiest way for me is to express definition of beauty it by my favorite medium photography, so I’m going to use my old photos. I always catching the frames that makes me feel something, for me that is the definition od the beauty.


Of course, I haven’t finished 50 outcomes and I guess nobody did that, but I’m happy with few of them . Like my self-portrait in interpretation as saint mary or poster of Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in wonderland’. Good task to remind some Adobe Photoshop super powers and get back again to enthusiasm about illustration after 2 years



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