Dialogue studio: Natasha Floksy

There are some artists that are better skilled and have a deeper message,but I have chosen artist Floksy from my best five. Of all my favorite artists, the artworks and life of Natasha are the most approximate to what I am doing, that is why I since I coincidentally discovered her profile on Instagram, her persona aroused in me an immediate sense of sympathy and identification. Mostly because of the color palette.


Natasha is doing various stuff – doodles, fine art,graffiti or toys. Her website and Instagram is very casual, she seems to be very warm and friendly person.  She is also traveling a lot o she blogging her travels on the website.

Her profiles:



As she said  about herself:

“Hello, my name is Natasha Floksy.

I’m the creative director of IndeePop. I’m 25 years old and live in what has to be the most beautiful city in the world: Saint Petersburg. I draw every day, coming up with new creations to share with the world, and consider myself very fortunate to do what brings me joy. My style consists of kindness and warmth, which I wish to share with everyone.”




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