Dialogue-USTWO studio.

Ustwo – I found somewhere that name in the memories of the past and I know it very well now –  I was passing this studio located in Shoreditch for last 4 years- since I have moved to London. I remember my first day at Shoreditch when I saw its logo . It sounded in my head so Polish because of the ending -stwo. I googled that and since then, I know it is Graphic design Studio .Life is funny – this day I was sure I will study Japanese businesses and I have never touched pencils or a professional camera.

I watched the movie from Weblearn  : ‘USTWO -studio of dreams’.


First impression is positive ,because co-founder likes colorful hairs like me. In the other way, I’m not sure what to think about him – he reminds me some American comedy actor , but he got  a lot of enthusiasm so a few more points for him.

I like the things they creating and the idea of the studio. After 4 years I did more research.

“USTWO was founded by Mills and Sinx back in 2004. The mission was to build a studio where like-minded, passionate people could work under one roof, share unique ideas and bring them to life. What’s made USTWO unique from the start is the simple notion that building a company isn’t all about work, but also about life, passion and play. ”

I also read their Manifesto : https://usweb-cdn.ustwo.com/ustwo-production/uploads/2016/07/ustwo_cultural_manifesto.pdf

I have to say I loved the graphics of the game “Monument Valley”/ I bit fairytalish but minimalistic. I think its masterpiece and I want to download it.  Actually I like everything they created. God damn, I get inspired.




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