Intro&Reflection p 1 – mapping,collage etc.

A little intro for people with whom my writing evokes epilepsy

I’m a busy girl, but at least I am practicing my writing skills and this final mortal combat day I have to write (tum dum dum dum ) DISSERTATION and that is a soundtrack for that:


I have never been a master fo writing, that is why I’m recording my crazy life instead of combine together nice words together even in my own language. I definitely have a problem with focus in this area, some of my friends call chatting with me “Da vinci code”, because all letters happening in the wrong place.

It is enough for now before I will say totally abstract things not in the right place like Bridget Jones.

<End of intro>

Today we had mapping workshops in my super di wi$$er cool studio Dialogue.

After I saw the outcomes of first exercises with  lines I found it hard. Obviously, I haven;t focused as much I should, I draft some abstract lines in 10 % common with the photography or it was just my limited creativity. Actually, there were definitely in my style , because a long time ago i recognized I don’t have an artistic line, but always when I was drawing this stupid flowers, on paper next to my notes there have been going in the same curves. And then all the things I was drawing later, was going the same way. I can draw when I copy but not from my imagination. I like them , but when I saw some outcomes – let’s say for ex.  Kyrle, Rob and Jordan – I was like “Omg, there is definitely some difference in our vision/perspective” And for one second even I though maybe I’m stupid that I haven’t come out with something complex like theirs. Of course, that was just 1 second xD. That was very interesting

Then was photo collage with hand and letters – I love photo collages/collages is my favourite medium, as like i said before I have not been gifted with a talent for drawing, but I can be a good editor.But the truth is there were a lot of great collages in the class. Luka was brilliant like always, the girl next to me was interesting as well . I’m not sure if I get this task , but an outcome is funky.

I will stalk my colleagues to see how they understand this brief and play with this later and when I will receive the proper desk from favorite furniture company  Ikea.








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