Reflect 140 – Matthew, John and Wim

I enjoyed the talks of Matthew , John and Wim much more at my cosy bed with good sound than in classroom while I couldn’t hear a word and I unfairly judged these guys as bores talking about typography. That is not true, I find Matthew and John as very interesting and cool guys . I find however, they are great guys with whom I could happily play basketball and even talk about fonts because probably it would be fun and weaves.


First about Matthew – I like people with self-distance who can laugh  at their ‘fails’.

(It is also important what a different people perceive as a failure)

I like the way he talks about industrial design and how he describe it, as manufactured and it has it function. And how he defend that against the people who perceive that as a lower standard work,because some people who like to judge than just live their lives said industrial design accepted compromise. Or maybe it is a  constrain? It depends maybe on a level of being a drama queen in this situation.

“I was left with a solution for not existing technical problem” – I love that. I felt we can me and Mathew can be BFF forever.

And a really appreciate he made this font with polygon curve and I happy for this guy he was happy with aesthetics even after fatal fail.

Something also about being pragmatic – I finding myself sometimes as pragmatic. Of course ,I’m in some way massive idealist who is going to the mountain and taking a classic photo of a sunrise or whatever, but adult life taught me to be realistic. It is good he said about that because this made me to reflect on  attitude towards life. It is brilliant this guy could step from a topic of a font ‘how I made it’ to a personal  life philosophy.

And  John – self-distanced guys, talented, after hard school of life, happy and with a sense of humour talking about simplicity. The thing that I have a problem when it goes to aesthetics (maybe not so massive right now).

Yes – we living in a generation of mindfulness, the secret, positive thinking, tinder, less is more, minimal techno, not very people with ego in size of south America posting everyday pictures of theirselfes,minimal everything and Ikea.

Good simplicity philosophy if it goes to “How to live your life without pain” was to encourage people to stop overthinking as we live also in a  generation when loooads of people suffer from mental health issues, for ex. Kid Cudi who recorded “Pursuit of Happiness”.

Thank John for photo on the beach – felt better all the time when I put toxic colour edit to my photos.


To0 simple is bad, To complicated  (complex) is bad – balance is good.

Inspiring is also how he is talking about his life journey- meeting different people, working for different companies and mentors. Always nice to hear, especially when you also the person who step outside a cosy comfort zone.


Thanks also for Eye- candy. I haven’t know that till today.


I don’t know what to write about Wim Crouwel. He could be an interesting guy, but I can’t explain why but there is  nothing significant I can say about him after watching this movie













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