Your money his right brain

Kevin Li is studying the graphics for the third year in the Cass school of Design.

In his artwork, you can find colourful cartoons and a great sense of humour .

You can find him on Behance using nickname :”Ur money my right brain”





From your university briefs, what is your favourite project?

I think it would be The Life Of John poster for the beyond limit. It was so enjoyable to create and strangely therapeutic.

John is a character created for a project during my study in university, which is to explore potential of body enhancement.

John has super power, he could have saved humanity and fought crime, however John chooses to be an asshole.

John does not give a shit.

This is the first 2 comic strips. Hopefully ,more TLOJ will come.



What are your favourite techniques for creating works?

Photoshop as Wacom’s tablet at the moment, the brushes is getting more realistic. but if i have time I would say  an oil painting.

How does your personality reflect in your work?
I was never a very good talker and it has been difficult to express certain ideas verbally. Art has always enabling  me to communicate those things. Let say being miserable about life have given me certain inspiration
I used to (and still love) James Jean ( ) ,because of his mad oil and digital painting skills. But then I found out about  Cyanide and Happiness (

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