Visit in a cosy studio of Heather McDonough

On Friday 7th of  the October,  my studio Dialogue visited a cosy studio of one of my favourite tutors in CASS – Heather McDonough


Heather is teaching students od BA Illustration ,  Graphic Design and Photography.

“Heather McDonough is a fine art photographer with a background in print and design. Aside from her own work, which is often sequence-based, she edits photos for a variety of clients including artists’ monographs published by Chris Boot, Prestel and PhotoWorks.

McDonough’s work—often portraiture, but also installation-based—is concerned with the process of photography. She runs a colour darkroom in her Hackney studio where she produces her own prints. Recent work includes World in London at the Photographers Gallery, London Moves East at the London Transport Museum, Mapping the Changes at Hackney Museum and 10-11 at the V&A Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood. Her sequence September Song was selected for an evening screening at the Arles Festival of Photography in 2011.

With over 20 years’ teaching experience (including London College of Fashion, Anglia Ruskin University, Northampton University and Thames Valley University) Heather has taught at BA and MA level on a variety of photography, graphics and fine art courses. She holds an MA in Drawing from Wimbledon School of Art.

Heather runs portfolio reviews and organises the annual PhotoMonth Open exhibition.”

Some of the people have  different expectations of the appearances a professional photographer’s  studio. Heather’s studio, located in Tower Hamlets- is a small space furnished with bookshelves packed with old magazines, photo catalogues, art tools, boxes with various things like cameras, prints, photobooks.

Heather shares studio with two other friends : fashion photographer and  visual artist. Heather has shown us some of her printed photobooks – each with a different theme.

Mine  and several other people’s attention have turned a photographic book about Brexit. Heather- as he told us – shocked with the news that Britain decided to leave EU ,took her Canon 5d Mark II  (same as mine) and went to the street to photograph people’s  face expressions this day. I can say, the final outcome gave me a goosebumps. Thats why I like Heather, she is photographer/artist motivated by passion coming straight from her heart. .. .

(romantic soundtrack here)

After this visit,  my studio and Heather went to Flowers Gallery , in which were shown amazing photos and photobooks of Edward Burtynsky. Obviously, his photos were amazing ,but I also kept in mind he using Hasselblad , probably the best and most expensive camera in the world so I guess it is hard to do a bad photo with this equipment and in such amazing places. I don’t mean to be rude, maybe I just wish to be Edward myself 🙂 Well obviously now he can afford few of this cameras, as one his image is priced around 30.000 pounds. God damn, wish life will be good for me as for Mr Burtynsky or Paris Hilton.

Then we walked the Printspace to see photos of Calais Jungle of our lovely Heather that always makes me keep believing that people are naturally awesome.  She uses small corner to exhibit her work, but is effective and I have to say the quality and lighting of the photo is first class.  She went to Calais as a volunteer to clean up the area , so it showed how human beings led to environmental pollution.

I think a purpose of visit was to show as that we don’t need “A studio in Mayfair’ to produce a great work. I knew this already but maybe there are still some people on creative studies that don’t know that.



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