Project for my niece – book with “Travels of a Barbie”

Do anyone knows how could look fate of the doll before they are owned by some of the child?


I’m an inspired and creative person and my niece (my goddaughter) is now 4 years old. 

As I’m feeling my aunt duty I always trying to manage to take back home with me some nice surprise for Victoria.  As she growing up around Ponies ,princesses , dolls and loads of pink stuff I decided to buy on Bangkok market very cheap, stylish ,brown haired Barbie princess. It was low budget surprise and BARBIE , so I came up with idea how to make her outstanding independent  princess. So since Thailand , Barbie travelling with me and my camera around the world and she is photographed, while she is looking into landscapes, drinking cocktails , sleeping in jungle or visiting art museum in London. I could start doing book design now, but I would like to travel with her till end of summer to mek her more international.


In my book there will be photos of Barbie with story, before she landed in hands of little Victoria. There will be story inside telling what happened with dolls before they start to be toys and friends of children. It will give magic and charm to that Barbie and also will teach my niece that even princess can be such a vagabond traveller.  




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