Photoshoots with Marielle Vaux – 4 seasons one day

I’m an wanderluster, I like to travel without destiny. I also like to do photos and definitely more I love to edit them. I’m  travel? photographer for two years and just three times I have worked with models. I do prefer street photography. But when I was last summer in Japan I photographer Marielle half polish half Japanese girl that I met in university in Poland. I’m very happy from outcomes, because the place we found was spontaneous and styling was quickly by myself. I just used lipstick to do a makeup and I put a patterned scarf around her do give impression of kimono. Then I put the clip on her hands and i tol;d her to play with umbrella from my backpack. Background is just the lucky interior design in bar we took some drinks…tumblr_nsi42c9G5S1rkfluuo1_1280tumblr_nsi42c9G5S1rkfluuo2_1280tumblr_nsi42c9G5S1rkfluuo3_1280tumblr_nsi42c9G5S1rkfluuo4_1280tumblr_nsi42c9G5S1rkfluuo5_1280tumblr_nsi42c9G5S1rkfluuo6_1280 (1)tumblr_nsi42c9G5S1rkfluuo6_1280


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