My first movie edit

After collecting about 40 Gb movies from my Go pro camera, I did the first steps after year to clean up my computer. I selected some movies from Japan and edited them using Adobe Premiere Pro. As my new year resolution was to learn how to make movies I started from these one. First I tried to use GoPro studio that I thought is much easier to use than Adobe software but that was mistake. It is much less options and the design of software is totally messy and it get frozen on my new computer a few times. When I was very close to give up, I went to University library and start to play with Adobe Premiere with just turns out to be very readable and quick to absorb like another Adobe software. I did one movie for my friends, but i mess up with music so I try another one with less personal scenes to share here.

Youtube really makes quality bad. I wanted to upload it on Vimeo , but my short movie is bigger than 500 Mb so I chosen Youtube than pay for Upgrade my Vimeo account.

If I gonna do more movies and better  I definitely gonna use this website or I just gonna learn how to make the size of my file smaller. I’m still in process to gathering info about movie making . It is long way for me as I have also to learn all options of video making on my Nikon D90 and my Go pro. Hope till summer I will make my dreams come true and I will create something that I can show to people that are pro in that. Im my first edit I just did a cut and d a music. I do some crop. There is a lot of options but it is time consuming, s I was busy last moment I’m just sharing most basic version that for some reason I am happy with but for some reason I am not.

there is a link:



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